About us

ESI Consulting Group

Enabling Social Impact Consultancy Group

We are a group of experienced professionals who have worked together for more than 10 years within the scope of various USAID-funded projects and have now established our own company with a determination to contribute to the sustainable development of Armenia with our knowledge, expertise and skills.


Our mission is to provide expert support to informed decision-making in social sector policies and practices through research, analysis, and modelling of alternative scenarios, monitoring the social impact of new initiatives, suggesting approaches based on international best practices and increasing partnership between the Government of Armenia and non- governmental organizations, public awareness and advocacy of human and civil rights within sustainable economic development.

Our vision is the provision of sustainable economic development with a positive social impact, based on informed decision-making and partnership among decision-makers and beneficiaries of those decisions through cooperation and open dialogue.


Research, analyses, modelling, results-based monitoring and evaluation, policy advice & legislation development

Design and preparation of public awareness materials and campaigns

IT support to reforms and programs; assessment and recommendations for human and institutional capacity development

Design and administration of local and international knowledge-sharing events, conferences and study tours



  • Be caring: maintain teamwork
  • Give regular feedback (appreciative and constructive)
  • Do not wait the team member to ask for support, initiate
  • Master skills and focus on details
  • Solve problems, admit mistakes, learn, and move on


  • Listen, empathize, and be compassionate
  • Be flexible and open-minded
  • Mentor and develop others
  • Continue to learn and develop self


  • Be respectful and modest
  • Exceed expectations
  • Set high standards and deliver quality results
  • Translate ideas into actions


  • Be mindful of people who will be impacted by your decisions
  • Be adaptable and provide dedicated customer service
  • Empower others to take action and make decisions
  • Accelerate change and be part of the change
  • Be transparent
  • Do the right thing
  • Honor commitments and be accountable


  • Contribute to constant and consistent improvements in policy, legislation and decision-making processes in the social protection sector of the country;
  • Provide recommendations for the introduction and adaptation of international best practices;
  • Estimate and measure the social impact of proposed reforms and protect the population’s human, social and economic rights through public awareness and advocacy campaigns;
  • Boost social protection potential contributing to sustainable economic development of the country;
  • Increase the capacities of civil society organizations to strengthen social partnership in design and delivery of social services.


The achievements of our team include both individual accomplishments and success stories we achieved as a team  working for ESI Consulting Group and within USAID-funded projects including Pension Reform Implementation Program www.prip.am; Competitive Armenian Private Sector Project; Armenia Pension and Labor Market Reform Program; Armenia Social Protection Services Strengthening Project, Armenia Social Transition Implementation Program and etc. The personal capacities and achievements of our team include:

    • strong policy dialogue;
    • development of the human and institutional capacity of counterparts;
    • establishment of new IT solutions in social services provision;
    • data-driven and informed decision-making on the design and implementation of services for the population, including vulnerable and marginalized groups;
    • gender sensitive policy suggestions;
    • results-based M&E and
    • strong public communication techniques.